Vertical Metaverse

CardaStacks is a 3D immersive virtual space easily accessible straight from your browser. We are building Cardano’s first vertical residential and commercial space all incorporated into our luxury skyscraper known as ‘MetaView Tower’. The first of many buildings to be developed in our dense cityscape

Our virtual tower will host residential living spaces, communal experiences, and storefronts where residents can explore and discover fun and interactive experiences, brands and collaborative projects.

metaview tower1


We are building an immersive experience across all 113 floors of the building so you can lose yourself in an amazing, ever-changing 3D space. We want our residents to explore hidden rooms, adventure into collaborative spaces and get access to unique one-off NFTs from up and coming brands and artists through VIP lounge access.


Our goal is to make it incredibly easy for anyone to build their 3D space with our easy drag + drop room builder tool. We will have options to add NFT images to your walls and access to 100’s (1000’s in the near future) of free inventory items from sofa and chairs to book racks and beds so you can completely change the look of your space.


We are looking to create tools so it’s easy for residents to buy, sell and exchange 3D units in the building so that walls between neighbouring rooms can be broken down to create larger estates.

We are also working on a room rentals feature to allow none keycard holders to participate in CardaStacks ecosystem


As a community-based project, we want our residents to participate in social activities and mix socially with others in the tower, therefore, we aim to build general and private rooms in the building where residents can interact with each other through text and voice-based communication – an open forum.


CardaStacks aims to open a marketplace where residents can come together to buy and sell their NFTs and digital objects. This marketplace will be integrated with resident’s wallets and the room builder tool


Community is the heart of our project, therefore to incentivise existing residents to build community, set gatherings and organise meetups in ‘MetaView Tower’ residents will be able to set an open-door policy so anyone can walk into the room. We also aim to create tools so that residents can set relationships with other community members to allow private entry.

metaview tower-base-night3







metaview tower2


Founder / 3D Designer/Game Dev

3D creative designer and unity developer with a degree in Comparative Arts. Worked in a wide range of creative fields from web to app design

Mullet Lord

Partner / Project Manager

Owner of NFT Creative and creator of PunkAss! Brings a whole host of experience and expertise in Web3


Partner / Graphic Designer

Founder of Ada-Monsterz and amazing 2D designer. He has decades of experience in Graphic Design, Video production, marketing and project management.

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