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The time has come to answer the question what is a metaverse? What is its purpose? How do I know what I am getting into?

To answer these questions we have to have a long-term goal in mind and not get caught-up-in-the-moment perspective. This is because WEB-3 and Unreal Engine-5 are high technological advancements in the crypto/graphic design space. In laymen’s terms, that means it is still being discovered and developed, so it will take time to fully understand and fully develop. The metaverse is an interactive platform, on the blockchain, where users will experience a virtual reality (VR) interface. In my opinion, its purpose is to allow people from all backgrounds to have an equal experience in the world as well for those who struggle with self-confidence or face-to-face social interactions to build relationships. Honestly, the possibilities are limitless.. if you can think it.. you can build it mentality. Finally, answer the question, “how do I know what I am getting into?” this is tough to answer in the current market. The market is so saturated with “metaverses” as well as “play-to-earn games”. Be selective. Find a team that fits your checklist requirements that we talked about in previous blogs. This is where the investor’s perspective needs to switch to a LONG term frame of mind. This is not going to be an investment that pays out tomorrow.. this is going to be the equivalent of purchasing real estate in a rural area that 10 years later a city expands to offer an insane amount of fiat for that land.

Is this risky? Well.. you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a Risky Rascal… so let’s dive into a project that I believe (not financial advice) is innovating this space, and could be a starting position for NFT projects that are upcoming. Let’s dive into how this is possible!

First, I want to explain how much trust I have in this project before I go any further. Now, this is my own research, so please do your own. The team is fully doxxed (which means their real names and place they live are known) they have also been on Wen Mint Podcast along with The Block is Hot Interview. They are active in the discord and answer questions that may arise from new members to old. They host weekly Ask Me Anything’s (AMA’s) showing the development that is occurring in the metaverse as well as the utility that the team continues to deliver. They have tokenomics setup for their entire community and all that is a part of it to use as one universal currency that will be able to interact with all projects that are involved in the collaboration tower.

What if you could have your own apartment in a high-rise complex? What if you could choose from a studio, deluxe, or a penthouse suite? What if you could design your room to exactly what you want? What if you could potentially rent out one of these spaces to a youtube channel for the weekend like an AirBnB? What if this space was fully operational and your avatar (or any NFT that supports it) as your character walking around in this high rise? Well.. there is a thing like that and it is called CardaStacks!

So, as the graphic shows above, there are 115 floors to the “living tower” that consists of a studio (common), deluxe rooms (uncommon), and penthouses (rare). With this being said, say you purchase 2 studio keycards that are side by side, the connecting walls are able to be torn down to create the same size as a deluxe room. This feature allows owners to have full access to what they want to achieve in this space. Here is a room that one of the community members created in a design contest for what their room would look like!

Being a part of this community is going to have several perks. You are going to have special access to rooms that require both a CardaStacks keycard as well as an NFT with a partner project. Special rooms are going to be located throughout the building as well as special events such as live concerts, parties, and corporate events. The possibilities of renting out your room are becoming real life. People who want to see their favorite artist perform in the tower will have to have a card to see this one-of-a-kind concert or performance. If you hold a card, you then hold the power and control over who can have access to your room and who does not.

The possibilities are limitless. With that being said, there is also another tower that is being developed called the collaboration tower. In this tower, it looks very similar but NFT projects, companies, brands, podcasts, startup NFT projects, you name it. The goal for this tower is to develop a web of interconnectivity where if 1 project succeeds.. then all of the projects succeed. This collaboration tower will allow projects to gain exposure from a multitude of avenues. If NFT projects are afraid to launch on the discord platform, they have the option of collaborating with the CardaStacks team (given proper requirements are met) and this will allow them to see if people are interested in their project or if they need to head in another direction.

In my opinion, CardaStacks is going to be a powerhouse in the marketing for the metaverse. This is where companies are going to reach out to gain exposure to this market. It is so early in this space that it is hard to fathom the reach that this project is going to reach but that is the exciting part that you can get into this early enough to join this amazing journey.

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It is time to start looking into the future. I think one of the biggest realities that are coming to fruition is that technology and cryptocurrency will be huge players in the world we live in. The inflationary market that we live into today will not last. There will have to be a change for the better. Do not miss the next .com boom. I am taking a risk for my family and my future by investing in fully doxxed teams, solid roadmaps, and utility. More and more corporate companies are hosting Zoom calls and Google Meets for meetings. What happens when they want to have an interactive call where they can meet up in a bar or a casino in the metaverse to host their event.. this is the beginning..


Here are all of the links to looking into this great project!

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/cardastacks/

Discord: https://discord.gg/uGhrPJ2kdV

Website: https://www.cardastacks.com/

Floor Plan: https://floorplan.cardastacks.com/

Wen Mint Profile: https://wenmint.app/explore?nft=cardastacks


I look forward to seeing you along this journey! WAGMI!

Stay Risky you Rascals!




Cardastacks Website.

Cover art address: https://www.halldale.com/articles/17827-has-the-military-been-building-the-metaverse

Community art created by: Discord handle: FoXiLlA#9589

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