There are Deadly Sins on the blockchain?

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Today we are going to dive into The Deadly Sins CNFT project! First, I want to explain how I met Zora and Fanna! I was working on my first moderator position at Jackpot Society (sigh). I reached out to their project for a collaboration at the very beginning of their project.. MAN, what they have developed has been amazing! Let’s get to the hard dive into this amazing project!


Here is a little background for The Deadly Sins, a collection of 6,666 unique NFTs generated on the Cardano blockchain (sold out in just over 1 day in an extreme bear market). They are a community-driven project building a virtual land space, known as Hell’s House, in various Cardano metaverses. They have the goal of becoming a household name and destination for metaverse users – providing unique utilities, events, games, and much more!


Now that we have some background information, let’s get into the nitty-gritty!

This project development team has delivered everything that they have set out to do so far on their roadmap.

✅ -6,666 NFTs (sold out)

✅ -500,000+ in volume on

✅ -Easter eggs are hidden in the NFTs

✅ -Phantom key airdropped

✅ -Purchased Cornucopias land plot from their own wallets

✅ -Massive partnerships

✅ -Passive income delivered


Now you ask, what is a phantom, and how do you earn passive income from The Deadly Sins?

A phantom in this project was a loyal member who reached level 25 in the discord. There were only 111 spots for this role. These members achieved this by helping other members in the community as well as winning games and having genuine conversations in the discord chat. Due to the support from these members they were airdropped an amazing KEY that has MASSIVE UTILITY! Check it out!


Benefits include:

– Royalties, 25% in total, being airdropped to key holders monthly. This will be from our Royalty Reserve Wallet found on our website:

– Exclusive Website Utility, Phantom newsletter [early – access information on things going on behind the scenes and upcoming plans] & a ‘reward spin wheel’ where each month a key holder can spin for various rewards including ADA, merch, collab WL, etc.

– Exclusive interactive perks within Hell’s House

– Access to the Phantom Lounge chat [Discord]

– Advanced access to information regarding all future ventures

– One free airdrop from future collections

WOW. That is just from being an active member from the start, I know that was a ton of info but this cannot go unnoticed I am a holder of this amazing key and just received my first passive income payout of 57.88 ADA from being an active member.

The goal of this “metaverse integration project” is to be in every main metaverse on the Cardano blockchain first. They intend to complete one before moving on to the next. This is a mindset that they want to give their all for one to ensure that it is correct and perfect before moving on to the next one.

The Deadly Sins have also secured a floor in the CardaStacks collaboration tower that I have covered in a previous blog.

This project also offers staking for their NFTs, to earn their native token, which will be used in Hell’s House for Ritual Poker and other mini-games in the metaverse.

If you are still on the fence, then listen to ways that you can obtain roles to earn multipliers for your staking rewards:



Easter eggs:

When you were growing up playing Halo or other games you would always look for easter eggs (hidden items throughout the game) this is the first NFT project that I have seen that has incorporated into the initial drop. ALPHA INCOMING!



Barcode Ear Tags:

– These QR codes (yes they really work) if you open your phone and scan that QR code it will take you to a youtube video that was only found out on the mint day by a curious member who minted one.

What are the perks of holding these?

– There will be a Claim Portal Link where Barcode Tag Owners can claim their ‘Cursed Items’ NFTs. This will be another exclusive drop for members who hold these easter eggs. The perks of this airdrop are as follows:


Individual Cursed Item Details:

Amulet: +25 $token bonus while Staking (coming August) & a special games event feature in Hell’s House

Rings & Book: Special magic abilities can be accomplished to enhance your performance, helping your team out in Hell’s House interactive events!

Mask: Can be scanned in a special location to reach the Intel Room. Those who know, know

The Cursed Items are an all-inclusive NFT that holds tremendous value.

Phew! Okay, I may have said too much, but to finish up I am extremely #bullish on this #nftproject

Here are the social links, marketplaces, and WenMint Social NFT App Profile on The Deadly Sins.


Thank you for tuning into today’s blog post!

As always, stay Risky you Rascals!

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