• Setup Discord to fully functioning condition
  • Setup social accounts for Cardastacks
  •  Integrating socials accounts to Discord
  • Finalise logo design
  •  Booking of web domain for Cardastacks
  •  Website design for Cardastacks
  •  Cardastacks Paper V1.0
Phase 1 (Q1-Q2 2022)
  • Start Building community 
  • OG Roles to be filled
  • Start partnerships with other NFT collections
  • Release previews of the Studio, Deluxe and Penthouse rooms.
  • Release activity LV rewards
  • Design OG lounge - Community poll
  • Release 2D floor map
  • Mint OG Cards - 25th April 2022
  • Mint access cards - 11th May 2022
Phase 2 (Q2-Q4 2022)
  • Develop 1st person walkable experience  
  • Break the walls between neighbouring rooms to create large spaces.
  • Continue the 3D development of interior spaces in Unity
  • Continue to develop partnerships with other NFT collections to fill out collab tower and stores
  • Mint 2nd phase of access keycards - 16th July 2022

  • Develop a CardaStacks Token (STKS)

  • Distribute $STKS token to holders

  • Design the exterior of the tower

Phase 3 (2023)
  • Start the 3D development of the walkable environment
  • Implement Ready Player Me (3D avatar) functionality

  • Design the UI.

  • Launch the Real Estate Marketplace.
  • Connect wallet to the game.
  • Add multiplayer functionality.
  • Allow 2D NFT posters to be displayed on walls
  • Design and implement the Build tool.
  • Beta Test the CardaStacks Metaverse for OGs
  • Launch of the CardaStacks Metaverse.
Phase 4 (2024)
  • Allow 3D NFTs to be placed inside the room
  • Continue to develop partnerships with other NFT collections 
  • Start work on rooms rental feature
  • Start building the Collaboration Tower
  • Design and build the Shopping Mall
  • Design and build the Rooftop Terrace
  • Design and build the Nightclub