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Today I get the pleasure of covering one of the most iconic NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain! I will dive into why this project has been so successful and has had some massive partnerships and collaborations that have set the tone for all future CNFT projects! Without further ado, Clay Nation! There is a TON of information to cover so ill try to give you the best insight I can in a solid read!


Clay Nation is one of the most successful NFT projects on the Cardano Blockchain, but what has made them dominate in this market? Nostalgia? The art? The community? The partnerships/collaborations? How about ALL OF THE ABOVE! This project has aimed to be the best since it came into inception! Let’s dive into this amazing project that represents the Cardano Blockchain so well!


Before this successful NFT project was launched the developers were already establishing themselves on this blockchain. The first successful thing that came from Clay Nation is their stake pool! The ticker (way to find it) is [CLAY]. As of right now, here are the stats/requirements for the pool.


untitled imageLet’s break down this information. The first three lines are self-explanatory. What does saturation mean? If there are too many delegators, then this pool has too much control. As we have learned from the US government, if banks have too much power, then this currency is easily manipulated, and inflation can happen. This is the sole purpose of these stake pools is to encourage decentralization to give power to the people/delegators. In this case, the saturation is low which is GOOD! Return on ADA (ROA) is the percentage over a year that you will get returned on your delegation of ADA. This should increase when the $token is released. As you can see, there is almost 21 million ADA being staked in this pool.. this is a staggering number. The saturation is monitored by the fixed cost of entering this pool. Without this, the Cardano Blockchain is designed to deteriorate returns for pools that have too much control.


For my new Rascals, who are just getting started, staking is where a holder of ADA delegates their ADA (does not leave your wallet) that then creates decentralization on the blockchain. I have discussed this further in previous posts so feel free to check those out and if there is a bigger demand then I will cover this in a forum!


Clay Mates is the first stop motion project on Cardano. There are many other projects involved with Clay’s, here are the details for the projects under this umbrella!


Project Facts:

  • The first NFT collection dropped on April 17th, 2021 named “Charles Birdkinson”
  • Clay Nation is the first hand-made generative NFTs on Cardano.
  • 10,000 Supply
  • Mint price: 38 ADA
  • Volume: 26 Million
  • Current floor price: 2600

Clay Nation X Good Charlotte Facts:

  • 10,000 unique, spooky CNFTs dropped on October 31st, 2021
  • Partnership with Good Charlotte (American punk-music legends)
  • Volume: 6.71 Million
  • Current floor price: 850 ADA

Clay Pitches (Metaverse Land)

  • Partnerships with Snoop Dogg, Champ Medici, and Good Charlotte
  • Volume: 10.3 Million
  • Current floor price: 348 ADA

As you can see, this project has a ton to offer and I just scraped the surface. The sheer volume that this project has produced is amazing (volumes were taken from Now let’s get into the amazing partnerships!


If you are unaware, the cryptocurrency space is so early and new that there are only 1 trillion dollars in this market. To give you a comparison, the market cap for gold right now is 12 trillion. So, projects like Clay Mates have introduced very influential people such as Snoop Dogg, Champ Medici, Charles Hoskinson, and the American Punk-music band Good Charlotte. Why is this important? This is important for musicians and a new way to have innovation in the music industry and bring that following into this space we call home in cryptocurrency.


I attended the Twitter space that was held by Clay Mates and had so many influential people in this space in attendance. To my knowledge, it was the biggest Twitter space to date for CNFTs!


Let’s look at the art because it is a stop-motion handcrafted collection of clay! In that Twitter space that I mentioned above Snoop mentioned that he fell in love due to the show that he was actually a part of, The Gumby Show. This is where this generation has true nostalgia coming through because it is something that they can relate to and have seen most of their lives!

The biggest thing to mention in the current time is that the tokenomics has been released and now you can “bake”. $CLAY token will be the main utility and governance token of Clay Nation. In junction with ADA, this will be the way you upgrade your pitch in the metaverse as well as dress your Clay in the Stand. You will be able to fully dress your clay and get matching pieces from each collection which will be innovative for those who are already holders!

Here is how the tokenomics will work with $Clay. It is important to check out their website here: to understand how to “bake” these tokens and get a full understanding of what they are trying to accomplish! Once this token goes through a DEX (which is a dAPP that you can convert ADA for Clay or other tokens to clay) will be a huge component in the success of this project!


As of today, August 14th, Clay Mates will be holding a Twitter space explaining tokenomics and have insightful information on why you need to hold it and its utility behind the token itself. If you are a current holder or a new investor, I highly encourage you to check this space out today I’ll drop the link in the resources below!


Once again, I was not fortunate enough to get into this space early enough to mint one of these amazing NFTs. Although, in the future, I plan on snagging one as one of the true Blue Chip NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain! I want my readers to understand what it takes to be a successful project and know what to look for when you invest. This project is everything you want when investing in CNFTs. Solid team, who is willing to reach the masses by innovation and bringing in big players such as Snoop, Champ, and Good Charlotte. It is important to understand how they work as a business.


Lastly, this community is amazing! If you are just entering this space or if you are a long-term holder it does not matter in Clay Mates. You are welcomed in with open arms and are looked at as a keep component to their success. They have the true WAGMI mentality that, I myself, have instilled into my investments and that is why I have decided to cover them today!!

This will conclude the OG series for CNFTs right now. I have had an amazing time covering these projects that have set the standard for the entire space. We as investors are in debt to them for bringing this utility, art, and innovation to this wonderful blockchain. This is another project who has taken in Charles Hoskinson’s true philanthropic approach to charity and giving back to this amazing community!

I want to say thank you to each one of you Rascals who have shown continued support as I have started this blog! Please feel free to leave a comment on content that you would like to see me over or if there is something that I could do better. I am open to all suggestions!


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