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Today I will be covering a project that took the Cardano Blockchain by storm by being as chilled as a Kong can be! If you are new to NFTs monkeys, apes, and kongs are a huge craze in this space right now! Chilled Kongs takes the second spot on our OG CNFT series list today! Let us dive into this exciting project that has set the standard for having a chilled mentality when entering this space!


I myself am not a holder of a Chilled Kong.. YET.. but in due time I am aiming to pick up one of these bad boys! If you have followed me from the start of this blog, I have stopped wasting my time on projects that have not established themselves in this space. My focus has shifted to obtaining bluechip NFTs that will stand the test of time and have proven to be trailblazers in this space. I think it is important to aim high on your goals and work your butt off to get what you want.


Let’s get into the facts of this amazing project!!


Total Supply: 8888 NFTs

Mint price: 34 ADA per NFT (SOLD OUT)

Vox Kongs Supply: 4444 NFTs

Total Volume: 14 million

Current Floor Price: 2600 ADA

Vox Floor Price: 60 ADA


These numbers speak for themselves. When I was doing my research into Chilled Kongs they had a different approach to their NFTs. They started off as just art or a PFP collection, with no roadmap, or a whitepaper, the doxxed team is very CHILLED as you can tell. The vibes that I am getting is “we go with the flow and we choose our own path”, which in the NFT space.. it is perfectly acceptable to do! Since Kongs are an OG, this is one of the aspects that investors have loved about this project. They do not overpromise and underdeliver.


Since the project launched in December 2021 the team has created a roadmap, and once again it follows their theme of being chilled and having structure, but it is art based. Here is the updated roadmap below!

Let’s break down this roadmap! Like I said there is a structure behind these Kongs but they have delivered a much different approach than other NFT projects which is quite refreshing to see! As you can see they have utilized their Kongs to represent the next steps in the development. This is innovation at its finest in my opinion!



  • Merchandise
  • Magic Kongs (magic mushrooms)
  • Kong’s Garage (Building of jeeps through the use of parts)
  • Music Events
  • 3-D Kongs
  • Kong Tokenomics
  • Donations
  • CNFTcon (in Las Vegas on October 8-9th)
  • Metaverse Space (partnership with BCRC with Vox Kongs)
  • The Chilled Kongs have already released some dope merch that you can purchase on their website! (must be a Kong holder to purchase this exclusive merch)


Magic mushrooms will be released soon and here is info for this drop!

8888 Mushrooms NFTs (1:1 for holders)

3 types of mushrooms, Cubensis (COMMON), Azzies (RARE), and Super Magic (ULTRA-RARE)

These magic Kongs will not burn (or delete) the OG Kong

Sneak peeks are coming soon!


Kongs Garage will be coming soon as well, where you will be able to assemble parts to create your own personalized jeep! I am predicting the same type of volume and a HIGH floor price for these jeeps.. if you are able to get in early for this, I HIGHLY encourage you to do so!


If you have not joined the discord to chill with the Kongs it is a must! There is a designated channel for listening to music that the team has created! This is going to transition into music events in the future where I am sure there will be a utility for holding a Kong to attend!


3-D Kongs and Tokenomics should be later on in the year and I am assuming it will be Q-4 or even into the first part of 2023. There is no need to rush when you are this Chilled!


This project also does donations to various groups with the vision “to make the world a better and more chilled place we can start with our small and symbolic contributions to our daily lives. We believe in giving something back to the world.” In February they made a donation to a primate conservation institution to show love for their Kongs!



CNFTcon is going to be one of the biggest events that this space has seen thus far apart from the Cardano Summit that happened last October! The Chilled Kongs will have a booth there in Las Vegas so if you are going make sure you stop by to chill with them! I am going to try to make it out there to see them for sure!

Chilled Kongs have landed a massive partnership with Boss Cat Rocket Club (BCRC) (the first OG CNFT project that I covered) where they will have their Vox Kongs available in Boss Planet Metaverse! This is what I love to see in this space, two Blue Chip NFT projects working together to create something special for the entire CNFT community to witness. This is how every project should approach partnerships in my opinion! You will be able to use these Vox Kongs as your avatar in this metaverse!

WOW! Safe to say that I am bullish on the Chilled Kong Community and truly believe that this project is here to stay! I am a “go with the flow” type of guy which sometimes makes me a Risky Rascal but I’m here for it! I’ll be looking to add a chilled kong to my portfolio if an opportunity comes available!

I am truly enjoying writing about these OG CNFT projects and showcasing the development of projects that set precedents for the entire space. I wish I had this knowledge coming into CNFTs so that I was able to mint projects like this.


Thank you for tuning in to this series Risky Rascals! Keep your eye out for the next one.. I

think ClayNation may find its way on the next blog! Feel free to go and vouch for me on the WenMintApp if you are enjoying these blog posts! https://wenmint.app/?profile=zmac


Last thing! I think we need to make a push to get this OG project on one of the leading social platforms for NFTs! This cross-chain NFT app needs to see the true OGs in the CNFT space!



  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChilledKongs
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/Bwkue3sf9x
  • Website: com
  • Secondary Market For Chilled Kongs: https://www.jpg.store/collection/chilledkongs
  • Secondary Market for Vox Kongs: https://www.jpg.store/collection/BossPlanetVoxKongs


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