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Today I have the pleasure of covering an OG project on the Cardano blockchain! Unfortunately, I have not been able to get into this project yet but I have a goal to make that a reality and you are about to see why!


First off, we have to establish a backstory and an understanding of where NFTs started and how they arrived on the Cardano Blockchain! I am going to do my best for my followers who are just getting into this space to explain thoroughly and in lamens terms as well. So buckle up!! This is going to be the first part of a massive series that I am putting out!


The NFT below is a well-known project (Bored Ape Yacht Club BAYC) on the Ethereum blockchain that has sold for up to 2.7 million USD… YES, you heard that right.

Alright, let’s get into the understanding of NFTs and where they started, and where we are today. An NFT is a (Non-Fungible Token), now.. I know what my new readers are thinking “I have heard this so many times but why don’t you just copy the picture and then you can have it instead of spending so much money on a PICTURE?” I hear it all the time, and to a very small extent.. this is true, but you never OWN the picture if you do that. Let’s think of back when we were writing a research paper and we wanted to use a picture on the internet or quote someone’s words that added to your story. We have all done it.. we copy and paste it and then keep moving. As we continue in our writing, we learn that this is indeed COPYRIGHT infringement. The same goes with a JPEG or an NFT Profile Picture (PFP).


Some of the cryptocurrency blockchains have things called Smart Contracts (imagine that this is where you can upload commands and then in turn it does a function automatically when it is prompted), and within this Smart Contract there is a script called METADATA and this is where the layers are created. They all have their own Policy ID and Asset Number, this is how you ensure that you are purchasing a REAL asset and not a fake. This is a lot I know.. now that we have the basics of what an NFT is… let’s see where they started.


Ethereum (ETH) is known as one of the OG cryptocurrencies as well as Bitcoin (BTC). ETH is currently a Proof of Work model (apparently there is a MAJOR update coming to change this network to a Proof of Stake model, which is the model that ADA/Cardano is based upon. I do not have time to explain the difference between these two so I will drop a link for you to continue your research on it or I may do a specific blog pertaining to this but we are focused on OG Cardano NFTs right now. Also, ETH is a FOR-profit and ADA is a NON-profit organization. So, in short, ETH was created to make money by trading the asset. This also means that it is EXTREMELY expensive to move funds on the ETH network, and often times you need to pay more in gas fees (which is the processing cost) than you do for your actual asset. This is not wise when you are investing. Now, why did I go off on this WHOLE ass tangent about cryptocurrency.. this is how the OG projects on the Cardano were created.


Due to the high gas fees of ETH, developers were looking for a project that had Smart Contracts, had cheap gas fees, and was of the same safety/quality as ETH. Cardano’s head developer was a co-founder of ETH.. I like to call this the Ferarri employee who wanted to do his own thing and created Lamborgini and now they are both household names.


All of this back story was so that you can understand the reason that Blue Magic (a BAYC community member tired of the inflationary ETH gas prices) wanted to create a project on the Cardano blockchain called Boss Cat Rocket Club (BCRC)!


BCRC is one of the first 4 OG projects to launch on the Cardano blockchain and man does it pack a punch! This project has influenced an ample amount of projects on this blockchain with how they designed their roadmap, brought over ETH members to invest, and created a community that still stands to this day. Let’s take a dive!


As I have mentioned before, BCRC is one of the OG NFT projects on the Cardano blockchain. This club involves several sub-projects that are just as equal if not better than the OG cats! This NFT project has taken the experience of ETH NFTs and incorporated their own take that has PROVEN to be successful no matter the market in the cryptocurrency space! The floor price has remained consistent since its inception.


Here are the facts for BCRC.

Boss Cat Rocket Club

  • 9,999 Boss Cats released for a mint price of 20 ADA SOLD OUT in 2 minutes!

Boss Cat Rocket Parts Launch

  • 3,333 Rocket Parts released for a mint price of 35 ADA SOLD OUT during presale!

BCRP Rocket Assembly

  • Holders with 3 matching Rocket Parts will be able to send them to an official Assembly Wallet to receive a Fully Assembled Rocket in return. There will only be 1,111 Fully Assembled Rockets in existence.

Boss Planet

  • 129,600 parcels of land for anyone to own and a new and improved digital world for everyone. Be the Ultimate Boss in the Ultimate Metaverse. (still growing and still reaching its full capacity)

Boss Planet VOX Cats

  • A collection of 9,999 Vox Cats were airdropped for free to all our BCRC and BCRP holders. These are the first official Boss Planet Compatible Avatars that will allow players to enter the metaverse and start exploring this new and exciting digital metaverse!

Boss Cat Alien Club

  • OG Cats and Rocket Parts = Raffle Top1K Cat and Full Rocket = Airdrop
  • Tentative date of August 27th, 2022

How do you even put into words the innovation and the trailblazer mentality that this project has created in the CNFT space? Projects after projects have tried to copy the roadmap of this OG project and no one has been able to recreate it. There is a reason, this NFT community is strong and Boss Cats follow Boss Cats.. they started this trend on the Cardano blockchain.

You are looking at the pinnacle standard of what every CNFT project has been based on. This is what leadership looks like. This is what creating a business looks like. Who would have thought that a 30 ADA NFT would hold a floor of above 890 in a bear market.. its unprecedented besides the other OG projects.


If you have not had a reason to jump full-blown into this project you need to scroll back up and read it again.. now with that being said.. I don’t have one at this time. Will I have one in my portfolio before I am through… DAMN RIGHT. The floor is about as low as it will ever be. There is going to be an influx of people who swarm into the Cardano blockchain. When this happens, the floor will skyrocket just like the project BAYC it is just a matter of time.


Projects that have this much success often get stagnant and settle for what has happened thus far. BCRC continues to innovate, they continue to RAID Twitter polls and win every one that they are involved in. This type of success comes to those who are brave and endure the ups and most certainly the downs of the market.


I am sure that Blue Magic did not expect to do over 22.2 million in volume on a project that started at 20 ADA. He took a RISK and moved to a network that just created Smart Contracts within months of the release. That is one RISKY RASCAL.. the CNFT community is in debt to this brave venture no doubt.


In conclusion, BCRC is a self-sustaining project that has set the standard in the CNFT space. They have created PFP NFTs, Metaverse land plots, Vox Characters that will be able to use in their Metaverse, and specialized airdrops for their true diamond hand holders. Look at any project that is successful in the CNFT space.. you will see this similar model in their roadmap. I could keep going on about this project, but this is already a long read. If you have stuck around this long you have gained MAJOR insight into one of the true OG’s in the CNFT space. If you have the fiat to purchase a BCRC I would encourage you to do so.. but it is not financial advice of course.


BCRC Links




Thank you for tuning in!! Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series coming soon!

As always, stay Risky you Rascals!




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