Lets go on an NFT Safari!

Welcome back Risky Rascals!

Today I will be covering a project that I fell into by accident.. but it has shown me bullish vibes in a bear market!

I will start off by saying, and if you have been keeping up with the blog you will know, that I do not go into a project solely based on art alone. In order for me to invest in a project, I focus on utility and how that NFT is going to work for me. This project is different, this project when I saw the art I had not seen anything like it on the Cardano Blockchain. I am talking about Safari Squad!

Safari squad is a PFP NFT project on the Cardano Blockchain that has superior art in my opinion. I stumbled across it scrolling through jpg.store and it really caught my eye. It was different, it had a new style that was intrinsic and beaming with bright colors. For the first time, I was about to invest in a PFP project solely based on art.


Let’s get the project details:

✅Fully Doxxed Team

✅6,666 NFTs (sold out)

✅1,000 exclusives 1/1’s

🌟-Safari Habitats (coming soon)

🌟-Staking (coming soon)

🌟-DAO (Investment & Good Cause coming soon)

Alright, so here is my Gold Fur Hyena, this isn’t even a 1/1, the art is that good! After I landed my collection I was intrigued to see that there were going to be airdropped to the OG holders which is the original 6,666 collection. Unfortunately, I did not end up with one but I am still happy with the direction of this project.

Here is what I am bullish on right now! Let’s take a look at some of the 1:1’s that have been selling on the secondary marketplace because they are taking the #nftcommunity by storm right now!


Here is a gallery of some of the Exclusive 1/1’s that have been selling!


untitled image


Purchase prices on secondary all made within the past 2 days:

💰Golden goose: 1797 ADA

💰Golden panda: 1500 ADA

💰Golden KingFisher: 1350 ADA

💰Golden Shoebill: 1150 ADA

The detail on these #NFTs is unreal. As I said, I AM NOT AN ART GUY, but Safari Squad makes me want to put one of these on my wall in my man cave! How could you not appreciate this art?

The Safari community is active and the discord has over 14k members and their Twitter has 7,210 followers. The squad shows up for a raid when they are mentioned in a contest on Twitter. This community is willing to help or trade for NFTs to allow other members to achieve the discord roles that also have a utility built into what each member holds.

There are so many roles that it would take me a day to add them all to this blog. So, my overview of the roles is that the developers made a role for each type of investor. I think this is a great incentive to encourage investors of all types to have a role in the community! For example, I have a gold fur and 6 other OG squads. So, I have a gold fur role, and I also have a squad captain role that allows me to enter specific contests to win NFTs or various prizes.

There are also incentives to hold one of each animal which I think is a great concept when looking into the future for what the project is bringing. The safari habitats have some sneak peeks (which I will drop below) that are going to be developed in 3-D. If the art is anything like what has already been produced… I may go broke investing in this. The first sneak peek is of the “normal habitat” which I am assuming is where the OG NFTs will be able to reside, and the second one is the “golden habitat”, which I am assuming will be for the gold furs/gold 1/1’s.

There will be staking opportunities in the near future where you can earn their native token called$SAFARI tokens. These will be able to upgrade your habitat later on!

Last, but certainly not least, I want to cover what their idea of a DAO is going to be.

The DAO is going to consist of helping new artists who have a passion for art (like the artists of Safari Squad) where they will be looking for Alpha Hunters, Content Creators, Project Advisors, and Game Masters for the DAO. So, let’s break that down into what it means.

Alpha Hunters:

  • These will be the group of people who seek out alpha for other CNFT projects to gain WL spots for the community raffle.

Content Creators:

  • These can consist of artists who make Videos, memes, promotional content, or music to name a few.

Project Advisors:

  • These will be the well-versed leaders in the community to continue to push the project in the best direction for the people to ensure their investments are working for them.

Lore Masters:

  • Are going to be the storytellers who continue to add to the gamified universe and pitch ideas for quests, items, and in-game content.

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