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Alright! So, you want to be an NFT Titan? Well, I have a great project with MASSIVE utility that I am going to cover today! To be honest, this is one of the first projects that the market hit pretty hard, This team has had to go through adversity and adjustments during their initial mint phase. They had to make changes to the roadmap to ensure the best outcome for their members! They have not stopped delivering what they promised in the first whitepaper. Let’s get Risky!!

Elysium Titans have already doxed 6 of their 9 central founders and have linked their social media platforms, held AMAs, and have been engaged in the community since the start. They have a full team of nine founders who have set out to bring one of the best projects to the Cardano Blockchain over the next 3 years.

Elysium Titans have taken a different approach than most other CNFT projects. For one the project is community-based and operates like a true DAO. They have implemented strategies to prevent the “flippers” from controlling the supply and demand of the project itself. How are they doing this?


  • affordable mint prices

  • 16% royalties on all secondary market sales (to prevent flippers)

  • 1/4800 of “OG-NFTs” will share the community portion of the royalties

  • 36% of the accumulated royalties will go to the community

  • the team is not looking to “get rich”


Now, these numbers do seem high but the community has a long-term mindset which is rare in the NFT space. Their main source of revenue is going to be their multiplatform game which will continue to deliver passive income for OG holders. At this time, the team is still collecting funds for the game development through external sources and plans to deliver a solid game for their community.

The team mentions that not one founder will “get rich” from this project. Personally, I think this is a huge positive for the entire community. This team does have 14+ founders which means they can delegate the work evenly so progress will be made on their future endeavors. This makes me think that the team is willing to go the distance to provide exactly what they set out to do from the beginning!

Let’s look at this amazing art from the OG collection!


As you can see, this art is far from just good. The influence of these PFPs is based on mythical characters that serve as the project’s tokens. The team has planned to create their own secondary marketplace for this amazing art.


50% of the secondary sales will go straight back into project development. If you are new to the NFT space, there have been many “hype” projects that promise a game within months after launch… if you are in a project that claims this, that is a major RED FLAG and I would then remove myself from that project. As a whole, video games take time, fiat, development teams, and big partnerships with major video game creators. This is why I like the plan of the Titans, they are looking long-term for a 3-year plan. I think this is an achievable feat and allows the team to gather the funds and the correct team to provide the best experience for their community

I think it is huge to point out that even facing all of this adversity this project has a floor price of 105 ADA, the holders are strong diamond hands and this will be self-evident moving forward on the roadmap!

Big partnerships in the CNFT space so far:

In conclusion, the Titans have proved that they are battled tested, have fought through adversity, and are willing to work towards their goals set out for the community. As an investor, these are the types of qualities that I look for when looking for a project. It is important to note that this market has killed many projects. This project has used its warrior mentality and pushed through these obstacles and will continue to provide its best for the community. Titans are here to stay and definitely a project to look into in my opinion!


Thank you for tuning into the blog today!

As always, stay Risky you Rascals!

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