Is there a need for a social NFT app?

Welcome back you Risky Rascals!

If you have just entered the CNFT or NFT space, first off, welcome to the community! Also, welcome to this blog where I am trying to help new investors or investors who feel all they purchase is rugged NFTS (you are not alone).

Recently, Wen Mint by Those AMA’s has released their exciting new social platform that offers NFT projects an interactive interface to showcase their work and create a quick profile for investors to check out!

Why is this an important achievement in the NFT space?

This app has only been available to the public for less than a week and it has 154 projects, 1389 users, and 10.5k project views! This app is not limited to CNFTs (Cardano), the goal is for projects such as Ethereum and Solana can join this app to reach a multitude of new users and provide marketing for their projects.

Let us dive into the benefits of being a member of this app!


-Trust Score

-User Profiles


-Localised Calendar



Trust score is one of the most important aspects that this app offers, in my opinion. What is a trust score? A trust score is where users can vouch/view an NFT project or developer in this space to see how credible their work is. For example, in the image above, you can see it has Space Pugs Alpha has 182 ⭐⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ratings. You can also see who posted this project and their trust score associated with them. In this case, CNFTAdam has a trust score of 18.8. These scores start at 1 and go up fractionally with each voucher. The higher the score, the more people trust this developer/project. This is on the user profile where you can see all of the pertinent information needed to invest or research this project.


Multi-chain capability is a HUGE advancement in the crypto space. There is a stigma that ETH and SOL NFTs are the REAL NFTs, while Cardano NFTs have been limited to “those are just CNFTs”. This integration will bring all of these blockchains to work and build into one solid community of NFT investors.

A localized calendar is needed to stay on top of new projects and know exactly when they are minting. There is also a tab to see the top projects that are being voted on and have good trust scores (these are the ones you want to consider for investments).


It is important when choosing a project to invest in that it meets the needs and goals you are trying to accomplish. For me, utility and passive income are #1. Then the actual art of the project comes in #2 for me.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are going to be prevalent assets in the upcoming future. One day driver’s licenses, passports, credit cards, car notes, mortgages, proof of purchase receipts for large ticket items, etc… will all become an NFT due to the security of the blockchain and its user-friendly experience. This is the future!

Check out the WenMint App and use my username ZMAC at signup to get 50 credits!

That is all for today! Stay Risky you Rascals!

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