Cross-chain Metaverse Starting on Cardano?

Welcome back Risky Rascals! Since we had a major influx of reading about the previous metaverse, I figured we should keep it going on a project that has innovation written all over it!!


Let’s answer the first question, what does cross-chain metaverse entail?


A cross-chain metaverse means that there are multiple blockchains that can interact with this metaverse. For instance, Virtua Prime has developed a metaverse that is capable of bringing in Cardano (ADA), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), etc…


What is Virtua Prime/Cardano Island?


For this blog, we are going to focus on Cardano Island, and it is absolutely stunning in my opinion. This project has been developing since 2017. This team is fully doxxed and hosts multiple Ask Me Anythings during the week to connect with the community. It was previously known as Terra Virtua. This was where the Cardano Summit NFTs were originally launched. Now, I won’t be able to talk about every amazing thing about this project there isn’t enough time or space on this one blog to cover it all, but let’s dive into why I have invested in this metaverse and why I am so bullish on it!

Cardano Island features:

-The Virtual Hub

– Academy

– C-Zone Land Plots

– Costal Cardano Towers

The white dot in the center represents the Virtual Hub which will act as the event center hosting a museum of artwork that can be purchased on the marketplace. If you have not checked them out, I highly recommend them. The academy is going to host learning opportunities related to cryptocurrency and how to interact with the blockchain (this is huge for newcomers into the space). C-Zone Land Plots can be purchased right now as they are still minting, personally, I own a Large Common Plot (square), Small Uncommon Plot (square) and I also have a C-Zone Land Plot (Condo) The images are listed in order below along with the prices:



Now, what makes these land plots so interesting and interactive by having resources to mine as well as holding slots for Land Bots, Summit NFT Slots, and NPC Slots.

Land Resources

Land resources include iron, gold, sticky goo, wood, electro-rock, and Cardonium. These resources are listed in order of rarity in which they can be mined. These will be used to craft NFTs and these resources will be able to trade within the community. These will also generate passively when you are not in the metaverse but have boosts on certain days depending on the combination of bots on your land.


Land Bots

 These bots allow you to mine the resources that your plot has. For example, my small uncommon plot has the capability to hold one land bot. As the owner, you can choose what you want to mine/create from the bot that you purchase. Keep in mind that this metaverse is going to be fully interactive and will require you to spend time on it to earn rewards.

Summit NFT Slots

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